Types of Door Locks

One of the most common types of crime is burglary. For this reason, any owner seeks to maximize the security of their home and property in it from criminal attacks by installing a metal entrance door. But even the strongest door is not a guarantee of security without a reliable lock. Types of locks, which are installed for entrance doors, largely determines the convenience and safety of their subsequent operation.

Principle of choosing locks

Top locksmith in Burnaby says: When choosing a lock for the entrance door, you should be guided by the following considerations:

  • It is better to buy one good lock than two bad ones;
  • A pair of reliable locks is always better than one;
  • A bad quality lock may cause problems with opening the door to the master of the house;
  • It is best to install locks of different types (plunger and cylinder locks) at the same time.
Types of locks

Types of locks

According to the type of locking mechanisms there are the following varieties of locks:

Suvald – mortise or exterior;
Cylinder locks – surface or mortise;


Each lock has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of lock depends not only and not so much on its reliability and resistance to burglary, but also on the personal preferences and financial possibilities of the owner.

Lever locks

This lock type is considered the most reliable and this fact is also recognized by the owners of apartments and specialists, installing doors, as well as by criminals themselves.

The popularity of the suvald locks is mostly due to the specificity and reliability of their mechanism. Some specialists call tumbler locks “safe locks” because they are often used in banks and other financial institutions, in security lockers.

The device

The reliability of tumbler locks is determined by the number of installed “suvald” – special parts that lock the lock when turning the key. The greater the number of suvalds installed, the more reliable the lock is considered to be.

As a rule, presence of not less than 6-8 suvald locks gives the highest reliability guarantee of the lock during the attempt of breaking the door with a usual picklock.

Drawbacks of the suvald locks

At the first place, the disadvantages are large dimensions of the lock, but you may always ask the lock seller for a consultation on the choice of the lock according to the door size.

Another disadvantage is the width of the keyhole that is easy to penetrate with a picklock, crowbar or other force hacking tool. Of course, most locks are equipped with special mechanisms, if not protecting, then at least complicating the process of breaking in as much as possible.