Trustworthy Advice of Experienced Locksmiths

We deal with locks and keys every day wherever we go (home, car, office) but agree or not, we are just ordinary users and when we get into trouble with locks, we don’t know the peculiarities. Here we’ve gathered some useful pieces of advice, which can save your home in North Vancover from burglary, prolong the life of your door lock and help you prevent some common mistakes you may make.

Advice on safety

Experienced locksmiths say that thieves know very well all the tricks you might think are very extraordinary. They know all the places where you may hide an extra key no matter how thoroughly you’ve chosen them.

Advice #1 – never hide your keys in the garden or yard or near the threshold. The burglar will find them in no time. You’d better leave them at your neighbors.

Advice #2 – don’t listen to those locksmiths, who suggest buying a cheap lock for you to be able to break it in case of home lockout. If you will manage to do this, what can be said about criminals?

Advice #3 – remember to always close your front door lock. It may seem too unbelievable, but such situations happen quite often.

How to make your lock durable?

Proper maintenance can help your lock work for decades. There is nothing difficult about it and you can do it without professional help.

Advice #1 – Clean your lock. Washing the handle and the visible parts of the lock with soapy water and soft cloth will remove the dust and dirt, which accumulate on the lock.

Advice #2 – Lubricate the locking mechanism annually. This manipulation is very simple. Spray the oil into the keyhole and turn the key inside a couple of times to distribute the grease.

Advice #3 – Remove rust from the lock with a special spray. It will prevent spreading of the rust and malfunctioning of the lock.

Advice #4 – Use WD-40 for lock maintenance. This is a spray, which has multiple uses. In case your lock works tight or has the signs of corrosion this product will help you.

Other common recommendations

If you are the person, who often loses keys, you should buy locks staffed with multiple keys. This way you won’t need to make a copy of the key each time you’ll miss it.

If the lock doesn’t open, don’t hurry to call a lock specialist. Shake the lock and try to move it forward and back, up and down. It may help to unblock the deadbolt or a spring and make the lock open.

If you cannot turn the key in the lock, check whether the door is locked. Of course, it may sound ridiculous, but such cases did happen.

Professional advice are always useful. Follow them and it is very likely that you won’t have any issues with door locks.